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Cheryl Aiello is a talented and expressive actress and singer, equally at home in plays, musicals, television and film. She made her network television debut opposite Charles Keating in the NBC daytime drama series, "Another World", in a recurring role, although she considers herself first and foremost, a stage actress. She has worked at fine Equity Theatres and has more than 100 representative theatrical roles in her body of work. Cheryl graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in Theatre, receiving a General Honors Program citation on her diploma. She has worked extensively with Austin Pendleton, studied voice and Shakespeare with Patsy Rodenburg, acting technique with renowned Meisner Technique teacher, Bill Esper, and continues her vocal and Alexander Technique training. Possessing a tremendous facility for plays involving heightened language, Cheryl also has superior ability with many dialects.
Cheryl is the recipient of the 2015 Singers Scholarship awarded by Actors Equity Association designed to assist aspiring Broadway singers in achieving their goal.
When she is not acting, Cheryl has appeared as guest host for NBC Television Open House Tour, an internationally syndicated real estate broadcast. She has sung as soprano soloist with The Holy Cross Catholic Church in Times Square and is very proud to be a new choir member at St. Malachy's, The Actors Chapel, which features a glorious choral Mass on Sundays at 11:00 am.
Athletic and disciplined, Cheryl is an avid sports enthusiast and believes that the life of a professional actor parallels that of a competitive athlete. She recently wrote an article elaborating on this. Here are a few excerpts:
"Since childhood I have felt that acting is something like football. There are no replays, only moments of transcendental motion shared with an audience. Talent, preparation, discipline and training are the keys to success in careers that deal with high risk opportunities. Finely honed ability in the acting profession appears to be an effortless release of lines and intention. No one wants to see an actor appear to 'work hard.' Watch our own Odell Beckham Jr make a diving catch on Sunday and see how easy it looks and how inspired we feel. Similarly, few are fortunate enough to ever experience the reward of vocalizing a long, beautifully lyric passage by Eugene O'Neill. People enjoy theatre as they enjoy any game of skill or action. For a few short hours they can experience the immediacy of the stories the actors present and infuse meaning into lives that need time to escape and decompress from the world they inhabit. Adrenaline and high expectations are still a factor in every performance, so experience and preparation has proven to be my best ally. At this stage in my career, I have the experience of over 100 representative theatrical roles. That experience has taught me that I can count on my professional groundwork to kick in when needed.
It is encouraging to hear such statements like, "You have excellent instincts," from Bill Esper and "I think you have a magical quality when you act" from my former agent who sadly and recently passed away.
I have a real sense of fun, a dynamic personality, and a great upscale look. I am easy to work with and I take directorial adjustments extremely well.
There is nothing else in the world like being an actress. It is a labor of love but extraordinarily gratifying. If I had to choose anything else, I would wish to be a wide  receiver in the NFL! "

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